genetic engineering

New Test Can Predict Your Sexual Orientation, Scientists Claim-1

Scientists claim to have developed a specialized DNA test that can predict your sexual orientation

Scientists, at the University of California, Los Angeles, have developed a specialized genetic test that, they claim, can predict the sexual orientation of a man, with nearly 70-percent accuracy. The newly-devised algorithm relies on the analysis of specific epigenetic markers to determine whether the male subject is straight or gay. What is more, a simple saliva…

Genetically Modified Salmonella Could Be The Future of Cancer Treatment-1

Genetically-modified Salmonella could be the future of cancer treatment

Salmonella is known to cause typhoid, severe food poisoning and other stomach-related maladies. What most people do not know is that certain strains, of this otherwise hostile microbe, have been found to exhibit impressive cancer-killing capabilities. Up until now, scientists have been unable to exploit the bacteria’s medicinal uses, without inducing any unpleasant side effects.…

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