Georgia Institute of Technology


Scientists contrive ‘disappearing’ circuits that evolve over time

Back in August, we harped about how scientists have concocted a self-healing electrical circuit comprising a hybrid gel. However, this time around, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have decided to take the circuit technology to an interesting new level by contriving 'disappearing' circuits that change over time. According to their research, the scientists…


Capacitor dielectric material made from sol-gel and fatty acid, offers very high energy storage

While MIT's tiny nanowire-based supercapacitor might be tailored to smartwatches, researchers from School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (at the Georgia Institute of Technology) have devised their own version of an advanced capacitor dielectric material. Created from silica sol-gel and self-assembled layers of a common fatty acid, this new material is touted to have an impressive…

New Study Reveals A Universe With Far Fewer Galaxies-2

New study reveals a universe with far fewer galaxies!

A new study challenges the long-held belief that the universe contains several hundred billion galaxies. Recently published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the theory reveals a universe with far fewer galaxies than previously thought. Using specially-developed computer simulations, a team of researchers has estimated the number of faint, distant galaxies as 10 to 100 times…

World's thinnest electric generator_1

Scientists observe piezoelectricity in what is likely the world’s thinnest electric generator!

For the very first time, a group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Columbia University have been successful in observing piezoelectricity in an atomically thin substance, thereby developing what is likely the world's thinnest electric generator. Constructed using a two-dimensional layer of molybdenum disulfide(MoS2), the contraption opens up a world of…

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