Nanostructure-Based Touchless Display Responds To Sweat-1

Nanostructure-based touchless display responds to the sweat on the user’s finger

The age of touchscreens is nearing its end. At present, scientists are working to create innovative touchless displays which, while still relying on the ubiquitous finger-swipe, can operate without any actual contact. These touchless positioning interfaces (TPI), currently being developed by researchers at LMU Munish and Stuttgart’s Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, are…

Scientists Build The World's First Laser-Created Molecules-2

Scientists use laser beams to create new molecules, for the very first time

For the very first time, researchers have used laser beams to build new molecules. In a research, recently published in the Physical Review Letters journal, a team of scientists, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Germany-based University of Kassel, has successfully altered the chemical bonding between atoms, using…

Fraunhofer's Experimental Engine Contains Plastic Parts-1

Fraunhofer’s experimental car engine contains specially-designed plastic parts

Reducing a car's weight actually makes it more fuel efficient. In an attempt to build lighter cars, a group of scientists, at the Germany-based Fraunhofer Society, has developed an innovative technique of replacing traditional aluminium engine blocks with specially-designed plastic parts. The technology, which is compatible with mass production, could bring about a 20-percent reduction…

Neo-Nazis_anti-Nazi charity

The curious case of Neo-Nazis being ‘swindled’ for an anti-Nazi charity!

Wunsiedel is a small county town situated along the picturesque Fichtelgebirge Mountains, in northeast Bavaria, Germany. Notwithstanding such alluring landscapes, the settlement is annually invaded by thousands of Neo-Nazis who hold memorial marches in 'honor' of past Nazi leaders. However, this time around, they were dealt a nifty little surprise by the townsfolk who had…

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