Sony's Smart Contact Lenses Could Record, Play And Store Videos-3

Sony’s smart contact lenses could record, play and store videos with the blink of an eye!

While Google and Samsung have already filed patents for high-tech contact lenses with built-in cameras,  Sony isn't too far behind, with its newly-conceived smart contact lenses that use specially-designed cameras to record, play as well as store videos before the wearer's eyes. The Japanese multinational company has recently submitted a patent application for the invention.…

Engineers At Samsung To Build Camera-Fitted Smart Contact Lenses-1

Samsung to build camera-fitted smart contact lenses controlled by blinking

In the world of wearables, technology is developing at lightning speed. A few days back, for instance, we talked about Microsoft's incredibly innovative "holoportation" system that allows users to have real-time interactions with 3D virtual renderings of other people. The engineers at Samsung are constructing something even more futuristic: smart contact lenses fitted with a display…

Pac-Man_Google Maps_1

Pac-Man can now be played on any Google Map ‘under the sun’!

Pac-Man is back, and better than ever! Why? Because now he can get down to his power pellets and (then) ghost-munching duties in the real streets of the world - courtesy of Google Maps. All you have to do is go to Google Maps, find an area or neighborhood preferably with many streets and intersections…


Google’s future building might entail re-configurable spaces and giant robots

We have previously been witness to Thomas Heatherwick’s 'hive' architectural specimen for Singapore's Nanjang Technological University. Well, this time around, imposingly fantastical structures give way to extensive re-configurable spaces - courtesy of the plans made by Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels (from BIG), for the expansion of Google's Mountain View campus. Touted to 'significantly increase…

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