Desalinating gaphene sieves could be the answer to world's fresh water crisis-1

Newly-developed desalinating graphene sieves could be the answer to world’s freshwater crisis

With the world’s freshwater reserve dwindling rapidly, scientists are increasingly looking for energy- as well as cost-efficient ways to desalinate seawater. Now a team of 13 researchers from UK's University of Manchester has uncovered a new and innovative technique to remove salts from ocean water using the versatile one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon known as graphene.…


New research shows that carbon nanotube transistors are twice as efficient as silicon varities

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have shown for the first time that transistors fashioned out of carbon nanotubes are actually twice as efficient as regular silicon varieties. This comes after decades of research regarding how carbon nanotubes can be used to design the next generation of computers. Speaking about the breakthrough, recently published in…

Graphene-Fitted Solar Panels Could Harvest Energy From Raindrops-2

Graphene-fitted solar panels could harvest usable energy from raindrops

With countries increasingly turning towards renewable energy in recent decades, scientists across the globe are looking for more efficient and cheaper ways of harvesting it on a large scale. As part of a new research, a team from Shandong-based Ocean University of China is developing graphene-fitted solar panels that can capture usable energy from raindrops. (more…)

UK Scientists Create The World's Most Light-Absorbent Material-1

Inspired by moths’ eyes, scientists use graphene to develop world’s most light-absorbent material

Despite its long list of impressive properties, including remarkable electrical conductivity, flexibility and mechanical strength among others, graphene was until now quite poor at absorbing light. As part of a new research, scientists at UK-based University of Surrey have developed an incredibly innovative technique that greatly enhances the light-absorption abilities of this one-atom-thick wonder material.…


Scientists contrive ‘disappearing’ circuits that evolve over time

Back in August, we harped about how scientists have concocted a self-healing electrical circuit comprising a hybrid gel. However, this time around, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have decided to take the circuit technology to an interesting new level by contriving 'disappearing' circuits that change over time. According to their research, the scientists…

Graphene, Laced With Lithium, Is An Excellent Superconductor-1

New study shows that graphene, laced with lithium, is an excellent superconductor

The term “wonder material” seems fitting when describing graphene, a one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon that boasts an array of truly impressive properties. Known for its remarkable strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, it could revolutionize the future of electronics, medicine and energy development. Despite its many enticing features, it has been, until now, incapable of behaving…

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