Mystery Solved Why Turning Graphite Into Diamond Is An Arduous Affair-3

Mystery solved: Why turning graphite into diamond is an arduous affair

Researchers from Fudan University and the University of Shanghai have finally uncovered the science behind a phenomenon that has left many baffled: when subjected to somewhat high pressures, graphite transforms into hexagonal diamond and not the more precious cubic diamond, despite what theory predicts. The mystery, according to the team, lies in the speed of…


New type of Lithium-ion battery system successfully created from mushrooms

Previously, we have talked about how titanium dioxide gel can potentially be a good substitute to conventional graphite as anodes inside the Lithium ion battery. Well this time around, a research team at the University of California, Riverside, has opted for something more 'natural' in the form of cheap portabella mushrooms that could take over…

Graphene, Laced With Lithium, Is An Excellent Superconductor-1

New study shows that graphene, laced with lithium, is an excellent superconductor

The term “wonder material” seems fitting when describing graphene, a one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon that boasts an array of truly impressive properties. Known for its remarkable strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, it could revolutionize the future of electronics, medicine and energy development. Despite its many enticing features, it has been, until now, incapable of behaving…

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