green technology


Stella Lux: A solar-powered car that produces more energy than it expends!

While the incredible Solar Impulse 2 aircraft is proudly making the new rounds all over the world with its plethora of records, its land-based vehicular cousins are still seemingly relegated to just design competitions. This obviously has to do with the mass density of an automobile, which is usually greater than that of a flying…


UWE researchers devise MFC technology that uses urine to generate electricity

Throughout the history of mankind, urine ironically had different applications in various fields - ranging from use as fertilizer, a component for collecting saltpeter crystals (for gunpowder) to even a cleaning fluid and as an (alleged) extinguishing agent for Greek Fire. Well, this time around, researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE…

Vincent Callebaut's Vision of Paris-6

Behold the smart, environmentally-sustainable Paris of 2050, as designed by Vincent Callebaut

Born in Belgium, Vincent Callebaut is an architect with worldwide acclaim. Known for his incredibly energy-efficient housing projects, Callebaut usually integrates uniquely futuristic designs with advanced green technology. Previously, we talked about Cairo's Gate Residence, a spectacular mixed-use complex featuring geothermal cooling, wind turbines, solar panels and even wind catchers. Well this time around, France-based…

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