World’s oldest known fossils possibly discovered – and they are 3.7 billion years old

A team of Australian researchers from the University of Wollongong have possibly identified 3.7-billion-year old stromatolite fossils in Greenland, and they might pertain to the earliest signs of life on Earth. Found along sedimentary rocks in the Isua Greenstone Belt (along Greenland's icecap), these stromatolite fossils predate the previously oldest known stromatolite fossils (originally found…

Explorer plans to live on an ice-berg for a year, by residing inside an aluminum pod

How to best inspect the occurrence of climate change from a first person perspective? The simplest answer would be to reside on a ice-berg, and then measure its melting phase over the specific period of time. However, this solution is seemingly dangerous, impractical and hence ludicrous. Or is it? Well, according to Italian explorer Alex…

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