Lockheed Martin to repurpose cargo module for their NextSTEP habitat in space

Back in 2015, we talked about how a group of six volunteers embarked on a practice mission for Mars, which required them to reside inside a dome-like habitat on the slopes of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano. Well this time around, shifting our focus from the humans to the habitat technology itself, Lockheed Martin is all…

Baubotanik A Living, Breathing Tower Built Using An Actual Tree-1

German architect builds Baubotanik, a living, breathing tower using an actual tree

In a bid to protect trees and the fast-dwindling forest cover, architect Ferdinand Ludwig has come up with the brilliant concept the calls Baubotanik. Instead of using timber for building houses, Ludwig proposes erecting a living, breathing structure that relies on an actual tree for support. The innovative technique combines tree shaping and the latest…

Boulder House: A ‘camouflaged’ organic habitat in the Sonoran Desert

Viewing the Boulder House from a particular elevation suggests some deft use of camouflage. That is because the 4,380 sq ft residence in its 9-acre property in the Sonoran Desert flaunts actual boulders as the crucial building material - thus alluding to a symbiotic scope that blends seamlessly with the rocky site. Designed and built…

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