heart cells

Meet The Badass Cyborg Stingray That Is Powered By A Rat's Heart-4

Meet the badass cyborg stingray that is actually powered by a rat’s heart

Thanks to recent technological advancements, bio-inspired robotics is currently taking the world by storm. Last year, for instance, we talked about Pleurobot, an amazingly versatile robot that mimics the movements of a salamander. Around the same time, a team of South Korean scientists created an innovative robotic insect that behaves similar to actual water striders.…

New Technology Allows Heart Cells To Stick Like Velcro-2

New technology allows heart cells to snap together like Velcro, for easier cardiac repair

Growing fully-functioning specialized tissues, in the laboratory, is an ongoing project, in biomedical engineering, that promises easier and more efficient organ transplantation and repair. In the past, scientists have built contracting heart tissues as well as skeletal muscle tissues, from human stem cells. Recently, a team of researchers, at the University of Toronto, has developed…

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