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2000-year Old_Ritual_Bath_Cryptic_Messages_Israel

2000-year old ritual bath in Jerusalem district, reveals cryptic message along its wall

Back in July, we talked about a 2000-year old ritual bath (or mikveh) found hidden underneath a family’s living room, in Ein Karem, an ancient village in south-west Jerusalem (district). This discovery was pronounced as being significant, since the bath lends some support to the long-standing claim that the region was historically the birthplace of Jesus’s…


The mysterious Roman tombstone with a ‘mismatched’ occupant beneath it

A tombstone with fine decorations and details in Latin had enticed many an archaeologist - since its location was found to be in a parking lot in Cirencester, in Western England. In other words, the discovery entailed a pretty rare find, with experts believing it to be the only tombstone from Roman Britain that recorded…

Antikythera Mechanism_older

Antikythera Mechanism: The world’s oldest computer might even be older than previously thought

Widely touted as the world's oldest analog computer, the Greek-made Antikythera Mechanism was salvaged from Antikythera, a historic underwater location (south of Greece) in 1900. And since then, the proverbial ‘contraption’ has astonished archaeologists and scientists alike, by virtue of not only its evolved workmanship but also its advanced purpose. To that end, the artifact…

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