Home Automation

Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future-4

Transforming your digs into the home of the future

What is better than coming home to a warm house that greets you immediately when you arrive from a long day at work? With modern technology not only is this possible, but also practical. Having a fully-automated home modeled to your specification is every home owner’s dream. This dream house depends on an automated system…

Cairo_Gate Residence_9

Cairo’s Gate Residence: A grandiosely conceived ‘collective’ hub of green technology

Mixed-use complexes are nothing new in the field of contemporary architecture, with their combined usage patterns encompassing residential as well as commercial spaces. However, Cairo's Gate Residence, designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA), is not only about its circulation and habitable ambit; the grand building will also boast of a flurry of green technologies fused…

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