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This Innovative Hydroponic Urban Farm Comes Flatpacked-1

This innovative hydroponic urban farm comes flat-packed in a shipping container

Danish innovators Mikkel Kjaer and Ronnie Markussen, of Human Habitat, have designed an ingenious flatpack farm that, as its name suggests, can be easily transported and installed anywhere in less than 10 days. Known as Impact Farm, this amazing concept aims at making urban farming smarter and more efficient, thereby providing city dwellers with fresh,…


Huge Smart Floating Farms to be ‘sustained’ by green technology and hydroponic crops

While floating city conceptions are galore, sometimes with their highfalutin scopes and 'unrealistic' goals, the ambit of floating farms still belong to a relatively novel niche. A Barcelona-based firm named Forward Thinking Architecture has conceptually built upon this new direction with their designs of the so-called Smart Floating Farms. Envisioned as expansive floating barges, with…

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