Jamun, Indian black plum, could reduce solar panel price by 40-percent-2

Jamun, Indian black plum, could reduce solar panel price by 40-percent

Jamun, a fruit native to India and certain parts of Southeast Asia, could help reduce the price of solar panels by an amazing 40-percent. According to the study, conducted by researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, black plum has been found to contain a specific pigment that is capable of capturing sunlight…

Ancient foods

Ancient foods: 9 of the oldest enduring recipes from history still in use today

Food is so much more than just a source of nourishment and subsistence. Its richness colors culture, history and even literature. Its coalescing prowess brings people together into communities by creating a sense of familiarity and brotherhood. Some might go so far as to say that food is one of the major forces forging national…


6 palaces in India architecture lovers must visit

India has witnessed great rulers and emperors. Be it Ashoka and Akbar of North or Tippu Sultan and Shivaji of South, India has had its share of brave heroes. What our kings left behind for us are palaces that leave you amazed.If you love and appreciate architecture, these are six palaces you definitely don’t want…

Indian Teenager designs Innovative Human-Powered Washing Machine-1

Indian teenager designs innovative human-powered washing machine from defunct bike parts

Hailing from India, Remya Jose was just another 14-year-old, when she fashioned an innovative pedal-driven washing machine out of recycled bicycle parts. Intended for families living without access to electricity, the concept was originally conceived when Jose and her twin sister were required to do household chores after their mother’s health deteriorated. Jose is a…

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