Nifty Earpiece Can Translate Virtually Any language In Real-Time-1

Pilot: Nifty earpiece that can translate virtually any language in real-time

If you have ever grappled with a foreign tongue while traveling, there's a nifty new wearable technology that promises real-time translation of virtually any language. Known as the Pilot, this innovative earpiece could allow speakers of different languages to converse with one another, without having to explain through gestures. Designed by New York-based Waverly Labs,…

This Stunning, Bluetooth-Enabled Lamp Folds Like An Accordion-5

Orilamp: A wireless, Bluetooth-enabled lamp that folds like an accordion

In addition to being utilitarian, thanks to its simple, wireless design, the new Orilamp is unique for its almost ethereal beauty. Shaped like an accordion, this origami-inspired lamp boasts several smart features, including Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to remotely control all of its aspects via specially-developed smartphone app. What is more, the lamp comes…

The Floating Seabin Waste Collector Catches Plastic Debris From Oceans-8

The fully-automated floating Seabin is designed to catch plastic debris from oceans, 24/7

Oceans cover nearly 71-percent of the Earth’s surface, and are currently the dumping ground of over 8 million tons of plastics. Through the years, researchers have come up with a wide variety of solutions, some expectedly more effective than others. These include strategically-placed floating barriers that sort out plastic waste from water and even ingeniously-designed…


RevoBot: The futuristic gravity board with its own set of Bluetooth speakers!

Back in March, we were seriously impressed by the Sidewinding Circular Skate. Well, this time around, another skateboard-like contraption has to come to the fray, arguably with a host of more features. Christened as the RevoBot, the contraption is touted to be the 'most advanced body gravity board' by its designers. When translated to attributes,…

Connected Cycle smart pedal passes its $50,000 Indiegogo goal in just one day

CES does bring us some innovative contraptions (of course, along with its fair share of trite), and the Connected Cycle was one such nifty design. Envisioned as the world's first smart pedal module, the device can be connected to any existing bike, thus transforming your human-powered vehicle into a smart one. This essentially endows your…

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