Nazca lines encompassed pilgrimage routes that led to a pre-Incan temple complex

While historians are still baffled by the etching process of the Nazca lines, they have shed some light on the purpose of these gargantuan geoglyphs. Situated in the very dry Nazca Desert in southern Peru, the ancient specimens of art were most probably created after 2nd century BC (with the more stylized images being probably made…

Shipwrecked treasure worth more than $150M located off the Finland coast

2015 has surely been a good year for finding treasures - be it the Fatimid gold coins or the silver decadrachms from Alexander's era. However, this time around, archaeologists may have very well come across the 'mother lode' in terms of sheer value - with researchers pinpointing the location of a shipwreck of a 15th…

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