Azerbaijan_Carpet Museum

A Carpet Museum shaped like a rolled carpet, in Azerbaijan!

Bridging the gap between bizarre and literal - the new Carpet Museum in Azerbaijan has surely turned some eyeballs and disturbed some eyebrows since it made its debut in the beginning of this year. And, in case you are wondering why there should be a carpet museum to begin with, the exalted Azerbaijani rug with…

player-powered_football field_brazil

A player-powered football field? Better believe it!

It seems apt for a hi-tech football (soccer) field to make its debut in the heart of Rio, Brazil. But this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, highfalutin affair. Rather the technology goes beyond the scope of opulence, to cater to the ambit of practicality. As as result, we have the world's very first 'human powered'…


Have historians found the Viking fortress that launched the invasion of England?!

Although very interesting in their designs, the discovery of Viking fortifications pertains to nothing new in the field of archaeology. But this time around, there might be something very special about the ring fortress uncovered in the island of Zealand. Known as the Vallø Borgring, some historians believe this was the very training camp from…

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