Historians find a trove of 37 shipwrecks from the Eastern Roman Empire era

Earlier, we had talked about the what probably had been the oldest shipwreck in the Mediterranean, when historians came across a 2700-year old Phoenician ship. Well, this time around, the archaeologists have arguably scored bigger with the discovery of 37 shipwrecks, all from the Byzantine Empire (or more accurately the Eastern Roman Empire), with their…

Cistern of Aetius_1

Cistern of Aetius: A Roman reservoir that is now turned into a football stadium!

Touted as the 'Sunken Garden' (Çukurbostan) during Ottoman times, and currently known as the Karagümrük stadyumu (or Karagümrük stadium), there is an expansive area in modern-day Istanbul that has a bit of exalted history to it. How so? Well, as it turns out, the football stadium is actually an extant specimen that aptly demonstrates the…

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