$26 painting reassessed as Raphael artwork worth over $26 million

A Renaissance painting, which was valued at around $26 until recently, has been appraised at a staggering $26 million, thanks to a new discovery that the artwork was actually created by Raphael. Originally attributed to Innocenzo Francucci da Imola, an artist of minor stature during Renaissance, it is now believed to be the work of…

Purple Pages Of New Testament Manuscript Were Dyed With Urine-4

Purple pages of ancient New Testament manuscript were dyed with urine, new study reveals

Analysis of Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, by researchers at Italy's Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Archival and Library Heritage (ICRCPAL), has revealed that its unique purple parchments were the result of treatment with a mixture of weeds and urine. Celebrated as one of the oldest extant illuminated manuscripts of the New Testament, the 1,500-year-old…


Bubble-shaped stadium maintains its temperature via air ‘pillows’ in its ETFE skin

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene or better known as ETFE is a fluorine-based plastic that boasts high corrosion resistance and 'maintained' strength over large temperature fluctuations. Well this time around, the plastic will be used for a wholesome micro-climate control in the Sports Hall of Lamezia Terme, a 4,000 capacity stadium designed by Vittorio Grassi Architetto and Partners…

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