Japan’s see-through S-House is a glass-covered space devoid of walls or partitions

Japanese architecture of recent decades is unique for its daring style and futuristic design, a prime example of which is the stunningly ingenious S-House by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects. Lined by enormous glasses on all of its sides, this spectacular, split-level home features a complex network of shapes and forms, representing the myriad of cross-cutting trends…


Newly-developed wind turbine could power Japan for 50 years from a single typhoon

Ever since the Fukushima Daiichi disaster back in 2011, Japan is becoming increasingly dependent on other countries to meet its energy requirements. As a solution for the nation's growing green energy problem, engineer Atsushi Shimizu has designed the world's very first wind turbine that harnesses usable power from typhoons. Shaped like an egg beater, this…

Near-Invisible Trains Will Be Plying Across Japan By 2018!-1

Near-invisible trains will be plying across Japan as early as 2018!

Wondering what the train of the future would look like? If architect Kazuyo Sejima has her way, we could soon be travelling in near-invisible trains, with super-reflective exteriors that blend seamlessly into the surroundings. What's more, Seibu Group, the Japanese company that commissioned Sejima to create the design, is actually gearing to bring the rather unusual…

Japan To Welcome World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant-1

Japan will soon welcome the world’s largest floating solar power plant

Japan-based Kyocera Corporation is gearing up to build and deploy the world’s largest floating solar plant, some 75 km east of the capital city of Tokyo. Floating power stations have been around since 2006, and are usually constructed on lakes and freshwater dams. The current project, according to the developers, is part of a worldwide…

Frozen Tardigrade, Revived After 30 Years, Gives Birth To 14 Babies-1

Frozen tardigrade, revived after over 30 years, gives birth to 14 healthy babies!

If you haven’t already guessed it, we at HEXAPOLIS are in awe of tardigrades. Also known as water bears, these microscopic organisms are one of nature’s most impressive wonders, possessing the extraordinary ability to withstand the most extreme natural conditions, such as prolonged desiccation, near-100 percent fluid loss, very low and high temperatures, incredibly powerful…

Moon Parka World's First Garment Made From Synthetic Spider Silk-3

Spiber’s Moon Parka: The world’s first garment made from synthetic spider silk

Many of today’s technologies have their basis in nature and natural processes. Spider silk, for instance, has long been the object of fascination for scientists across the world. Basically a type of protein fiber used by spiders to make webs, the silk has some truly incredible properties, including high tensile strength comparable to that of…

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