Tokyo-based Architects Design House That Can Be Shrunk In Size-3

This Tokyo-based family owns a house that can shrink to one-third of its current size

Japanese architects are known, the world over, for their ingenious and incredibly innovative designs. Previously, we talked about a number of skinny home designs that optimize the limited available space, without compromising on comfort and convenience. Built by local architectural firm Starpilots, Housecut is the residence-cum-office of a Tokyo-based family. As its name suggests, this…

Shupua Glassware-7

Japanese company uses silicone to design transparent, squishy glassware

If you have kids, glass drinkware is probably an extravagance you just can’t afford. Although unbreakable and more suitable for daily use, plastic tableware are often too hideous to be used in front of guests. The solution, you ask? Well, a Japanese company has created crystal clear silicone drinking glasses that beautifully combine the elegance…

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