Kame House by Kochi Architect's Studio-1

Japan’s incredibly modern ‘Kame House’ features a large centrally-located hexagonal cavity

Japan is home to some pretty unusual, yet equally mind-boggling, architectural marvels. Remember Science Hills Komatsu, a spectacular Hobbit-style museum in the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa? Or the super-slim Horinouchi house by Mizuishi Architect Atelier? Drawing on the themes of compact living and open floor plan, the ‘Kame House’ features a centrally-situated hexagonal void that…

Wireless Power Transmission-2

Japan tests technology that could wirelessly transmit 1 gigawatt of solar power from space to Earth

Since the 1970s, some of the brightest scientific minds have been working to materialize what is known as space-based solar power (SBSP). Unlike traditional solar harvesters whose efficiency is heavily dependent on prevailing weather conditions, this concept refers to the incredibly futuristic technology of gathering solar energy in space, with the help of specially-engineered solar…

Japan once again bamboozles us, this time with the super-slim Horinouchi House

Previously, we had a tryst with what is touted as Tokyo's skinniest home flaunting its 5-ft width. Well, this time around, slimness is complemented by an arguably better architectural form - with Mizuishi Architect Atelier's super-thin housing specimen constructed within a triangular plot (in west Tokyo) of just 560 sq ft area. The impressive end-result…

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