Japanese Robot

Meet Aiko Chihira: The android that made its department store debut this week

We have harped about robots with various functions, ranging from firefighting to waiting. But this time around, the robotic technology espouses human-likeness in favor of efficiency, and the result is Aiko Chihira, a polite job receptionist who can make gentle conversations. In terms of practicality, Chihira is designed as one those humanoid robots that can…

Robear_RIKEN_Elderly People_1

The adorable yet advanced Robear designed to take care of elderly people

It is not so surprising to think about the advanced scope of robotic technology espoused by the Japanese. However, this time around, highfalutin stuff gives way to conscientiousness with the 'adorable' Robear - a nursing care robot developed by the collaborative effort of RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited. Envisaged as an autonomous aiding mechanism…


The Japanese Patin robot can account for multi-functionality, via its modules

In practical commercial terms, a robot is often designed for a specific task - with the biggest examples being those robotic vacuum cleaners like iRobot's Roomba. But what if a single robot design could cater to multiple scenarios inside a household? Well, the Patin concept machine (by Japanese company Flower Robotics) brings this multi-functional advantage…

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