Stunning Geodesic Planters Levitate To Create Amazing Air Gardens-1

LYFE: Stunning geodesic planters that levitate to create amazing air gardens

Instead of relying on soil like normal greenery, Tillandsia, also called air plants, are known to absorb nutrients from air through their leaves, rendering their roots useless. A team of Swedish designers have come up with a new and innovative vessel for these unusual plants. Known as LYFE, the levitating vessels keep the plants floating…

Netherlands Is Home To World's Largest Smog-Trapping Vacuum Cleaner-2

World’s largest smog-trapping vacuum cleaner could help reduce air pollution in cities

Today, clean air is increasingly becoming a privilege that city dwellers are being deprived of. Smog, one of the most common air pollutants, is primarily the result of industrial emission and vehicular exhaust from internal combustion engines. To rid the air of this harmful gaseous concoction, designer Daan Roosegaarde has installed the world’s first and largest…

The New SNOGO Bike Combines Skiing And Mountain Biking-10

The new SNOGO bike combines the best of skiing and downhill mountain biking

It is not often that we come across a snow bike that promises smooth ride on loose, powder snow. Developed after three years of research, the new SNOGO bike combines the best of skiing and downhill mountain biking. Unlike the typical dual-ski bikes, it features an innovative triple-blade design that in turn provides stability and…

The Stunning 3D Optical Illusions Of The New BULBING Lamps-1

New designs of the BULBING 2D lamps create enchanting three-dimensional optical illusions

Israel-based design firm, Studio Cheha, is headed by Nir Chehanowski, a designer whose expertise lies in challenging current perceptions about space and form by manipulating 2D shapes into looking three-dimensional. One of the most innovative creations by Chehanowski is the BULBING lamp, that raised over $172,000 on Kickstarter, last year. Its ingenious design creates enchanting…

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