New Technology Kills Bugs And Pests By Firing Laser Beams At Them-3

New technology kills bugs and pests by firing laser beams at them

Despite their small size, disease-carrying insects, like mosquitoes and ticks, are known to wreak havoc on the health of human as well as animal populations. Thanks to a surprisingly innovative invention, there's no need to fret anymore. Designed by a team from Washington-based Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, the new technology, known as Photonic Fence, is intended…

Scientists Build The World's First Laser-Created Molecules-2

Scientists use laser beams to create new molecules, for the very first time

For the very first time, researchers have used laser beams to build new molecules. In a research, recently published in the Physical Review Letters journal, a team of scientists, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Germany-based University of Kassel, has successfully altered the chemical bonding between atoms, using…

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