Living Light: An LED lamp entirely powered by an organic living plant

Last week we talked about how researchers have successfully contrived living cyanobacteria-based bio-solar panels that can harvest tiny bits of electricity. Well, this time around, we have come across a design based on the same principle of photosynthesis, albeit with a more visual flair. To that end, Dutch designer Ermi van Oers has crafted (in…


Cracked Log Lamps combine naturalism of wood with ‘glowy’ LED elegance

It is not often that we use lamp and log in the same sentence. But that is exactly the incredible combination that artist Duncan Meerding has achieved with his unpretentiously named series of Cracked Log Lamps. Created from salvaged wood that would have otherwise been used for wasteful burning, the lighting scope is wholly contained…


The nifty Baymax LED lamp for your affable lighting needs

The big healthcare robot with a carbon fiber 'heart' is surely one of Disney's greatest creation in the realm of animation. And now, the 'Big Hero 6' protagonist has made its debut in the world of LED lighting - courtesy of the designers at infoThink. The officially licensed Disney product does showcase its adorable side…

Breathing Window-3

Singaporean scientists develop a transparent window that doubles as a self-charging battery

Thanks to rapid urbanization and technological advancement, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings are a common sight today. With this, however, comes the added costs of maintaining a building's cooling units. In truth, indoor cooling systems consume quite a sizeable amount of power. As a way of solving this problem, a group of Singaporean scientists, of the Nanyang Technological…

The Moon Lamp by Nosigner_3

The stunning LED Moon Lamp by Nosigner dazzles us with its ethereal glow!

Previously we talked about 'The Cloud' by designer Richard Clarkson: an incredibly smart lighting and audio system that actually mimics a thunderstorm. Well somewhere along those lines is the new LED Moon Lamp. In addition to its soft glow that is imitative of moonlight, the lamp possesses a remarkably authentic lunar-inspired texture complete with miniature…

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