Harsh LED city lights associated with serious health problems, including vision loss and unnatural sleep patterns

Ever since its invention back in 1962, LED light has been lauded for its cost-effective and energy-saving credentials. According to a report by the American Medical Association (AMA), however, light-emitting diodes might be exacerbating certain health problems that city dwellers commonly suffer from. The bright, bluish glow of these lights has been known to cause…


Abu Dhabi’s Al Aziz Mosque morphs into a luminous masterpiece during night

Previously, we have talked about how modern architecture has played its crucial role in endowing definite design credentials to churches, like St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel (in Finland) and the Cardedeu Chapel (in El Salvador). Well, this time around, technological flair has caught up with Islamic architectural styles - as is evident from the fascinating…

Infrared Curtain technology 3

Infrared Curtain technology, by Continental, could bring touchscreen functionality to economy cars

While touchscreen controls are currently restricted to the domain of luxury cars, Continental, a global automotive company, is working towards developing an incredibly innovative ‘infrared curtain” system that will provide multi-touch functionality at far more affordable prices. According to the company’s spokesperson, the infrared curtain technology is being designed as a cheaper alternative to traditional…

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