Duo builds a detailed 3-ft long LEGO Sandcrawler with over 10,000 bricks

Previously, we have come across apt representations of the gargantuan Sandcrawlers in the form of imposing buildings (see here and here). Well, this time around, the scope is taken to a vivacious LEGO level, with two friends Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley showcasing their version of the famed bulky vehicle. Inspired by Star Wars: Episode…


Glorious half of a Porsche 911 RSR recreated with 380,000 LEGO bricks

When it comes to the incredible realm of LEGO creations, we have been witness to quite a few grandiose creations - ranging from the precisely detailed Hogwarts to the robustly imposing Death Star. However, the above pictured Porsche 911 RSR certainly takes the cake when it comes to vehicular conceptions. Interestingly, only half of the automobile…

LEGO Computer case mod_Mike Schropp_6

Behold the handcrafted LEGO Computer case mod by Mike Schropp

There are LEGO creations and there are LEGO 'creations'. Oddly enough, the above pictured handmade LEGO Computer case mod by Mike Schropp doesn't actually fall into any of these 'built' categories - given the creation is not only about the LEGO bricks. It is more about how niche technology and glorious geekiness can be both…

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