10 fascinating applications of futuristic technology that will boggle your mind

Previously, we had harped about technologies that mirror science-fiction in their scopes and functionalities. Well, this time around, the essence of ingenuity is favored over grand schemes and advanced machines. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at ten such (possibly) upcoming applications of futuristic technology that are sure to boggle your mind.…


6 advanced bike conceptions that ramp it up on the technological level

While biking over the years have crossed the threshold of hobby exercise to practical means of eco-friendly transportation, the core technology fueling this scope has almost remained the same. But time and again, there are a few innovative bike design conceptions that allude to the potential futurism of this low-emission transportation mode. So, without further…


10 interesting origins of country names from around the world

Why is France called France? Or for that matter, is Chile named 'oddly' just because it is shaped like a chili? Well, we will try our best to solve such mysterious and their theories, both from the perspectives of etymology and history. So, without further ado, let us take a gander at ten such pretty interesting…


8 advanced military robot conceptions you should definitely know about

Automated military robots used in our contemporary times, actually had their predecessor in the 'Goliath tracked mine', designed by the Germans during the Second World War. Colloquially known as the ‘doodlebugs’ by Allied forces, these contraptions (with over 4,600 specimens being built) could carry 165 lbs to 220 lbs bombs, and traverse through rough territory…

Hi_tech_Laser_Weapon System_Currently_Existing

5 hi-tech laser weapon systems that currently exist

While laser-based weaponry has its fair share of depictions and screen times in the realm of popular science fiction, the very design of a laser weapon is not as far-fetched as one would be inclined to think. To that end, different kinds of actual laser weapons are being tested on-board their varied platforms - ranging…


14 astonishing cases of animal camouflage that will boggle your mind

The dictum of evolution has primarily pertained to the 'survival of the fittest'. But when it comes to vast and variegated scope of nature, even deception can keep you alive. At least that is what the tantalizing ambit of animal camouflage has demonstrated over hundreds of millenniums. So, without further ado, let us take a…


5 incredible automaton conceptions from history that preceded modern-day robots

Contrary to our popular notions, the core concepts (and literary mentions) of automatons or 'robots' are almost 2,500 years old. For example, according to a Chinese legend (as mentioned in the 4th century BC Daoist text Lie Zi), one Yan Shi successfully created an automaton that resembled a human form. Other ancient literary works and…


5 badass gunpowder weapons from history you might not have known about

In one of the greatest ironies in the realm of history, the gunpowder was supposedly formulated for the first time (by Chinese alchemists in 9th century AD) to serve as an elixir of immortality. Suffice it to say, in the coming centuries, the chemical composition completely changed the landscape of military history, with gunpowder weapons…

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