14 most unusual man-made aircraft that might be confused as UFOs

Our obsession with alien UFOs have seemingly become 'unhealthy' over the years, with even some major achievements of our hardworking ancestors being attributed to advanced extraterrestrial beings. Anyhow, we have come across some unique specimens of human-made aircraft that may be potential candidates for many of those innumerable UFO sightings that have occurred in the…


10 mythical monsters you may not have known about

Over the years, we have been entranced, baffled, tantalized and even shocked by the monsters of well known mythologies, be it the ubiquitous dragon, the gargantuan kraken or the boisterous minotaur. Fortunately, the list of legendary beasts and creatures hasn't run out of potential candidates, even after numerous of the ilk having 'identified' starring roles in…

Dome of the Rock

8 remarkable things you might not know about the Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock (Qubbat As-Sakhrah) is among the world's select few monuments that epitomizes political, religious and even architectural paradoxes. It is rightly considered as a very important Islamic shrine (not a mosque), and also believed to be among the oldest Islamic architectural specimens. However, the significance of the site on which it…

Atolla wyvillei Jellyfish

The 10 most majestic specimens of bioluminescent organisms

In the mysterious depths of the sea as on land there lurk certain creatures whose beauty will leave you spellbound. The physical manifestation of this beauty is in the form of brilliantly gleaming lights that can illuminate entire sea beds and water surface. This phenomenon is called Bioluminescence, an intriguing biochemical process that causes living…


8 fascinating facts about the Parthenon, the ‘cultural icon’ from Ancient Greece

Dedicated to goddess Athena Parthenos - the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage and warfare; the imposing Parthenon in every sense is the symbolic manifestation of the apical power of Athens. A huge constructional undertaking by any standard, the grandiose temple was roughly completed in 438 BC. And after more than 2,450 years, the imposing monument…


Top 10 video games with the most extravagant budgets

Gaming is serious business, and by serious we mean $65 billion serious. This astronomical figure will be further inflated if we added the estimated $6 billion PC gaming market from emerging economies such as China. In consideration of the colossal sums at play here - it begs to be questioned, have video game budgets finally…


12 innovative, eco-friendly designer lamps made from bamboo

They say, charity begins at home. While we may think that there is nothing we can do to decelerate the environmental degradation that we have all been witness to for the last several decades, taking the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle can be as simple as replacing those ugly plastic light fixtures with ones…


The 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Eurasia

History has been witness to both - great settlements that have fallen due to the slightest of chances and magnificent urban centers that have emerged against all odds. In spite of such seemingly capricious endeavors, there are some extraordinary precedents of cities around the world that have seemingly stood the proverbial test of time. (more…)

Carnivorous Plants

The 8 most fascinating yet savage flesh eating plants

It is indeed intriguing to note the sheer diversity of the plant kingdom, with its staggering 250,000 species of flowering plants or Angiosperms, around 25,000 to 30,000 different types of Orchidaceae and hundreds of species of Gymnosperms and Bryophytes. Although fascinating in their own right, the flesh eating plants represent another, quite bizarre, face of…

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