Lithium Ion Battery

Germany To Get Brilliant Solar-Powered, Battery-Run Smart Green Tower-1

Germany to get brilliant solar-powered, battery-run Smart Green Tower

Inspired by the technology behind electric cars, a team from Frey Architekten, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and Siemens have come up with the design for a brilliant¬†battery-operated residential building. Dubbed as the Smart Green Tower, the structure, along with its spectacular sky garden, will run entirely on solar power. (more…)


Colorado scientists convert brewery wastewater into renewable battery

Researchers from Colorado have teamed up with Boulder-based Avery Brewing to develop a essential battery part using wastewater that is the by-product of beer production. According to the scientists, the ingenious bio-manufacturing technique relies on living organisms present in brewery wastewater to generate specific carbon-based materials that are in turn used to create energy storage…


New type of Lithium-ion battery system successfully created from mushrooms

Previously, we have talked about how titanium dioxide gel can potentially be a good substitute to conventional graphite as anodes inside the Lithium ion battery. Well this time around, a research team at the University of California, Riverside, has opted for something more 'natural' in the form of cheap portabella mushrooms that could take over…

Lithium Ion Battery_Kevlar_Fire-Resistant

Researchers create ‘bulletproof’ Lithium Ion batteries with Kevlar, and they might be fire-resistant!

A few days ago, we talked about vanadium-borate electrodes that can potentially double the battery life of Li-ion units. Well, this time around, researchers at the University of Michigan have arguably made a more pragmatic breakthrough with their Kevlar nanofibers that can prevent Li-ion batteries from catching fire. In a conventional scenario, such fire-catching incidences…

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