Purple Pages Of New Testament Manuscript Were Dyed With Urine-4

Purple pages of ancient New Testament manuscript were dyed with urine, new study reveals

Analysis of Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, by researchers at Italy's Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Archival and Library Heritage (ICRCPAL), has revealed that its unique purple parchments were the result of treatment with a mixture of weeds and urine. Celebrated as one of the oldest extant illuminated manuscripts of the New Testament, the 1,500-year-old…

Researchers come across ‘ghostly’ doodles in a medieval manuscript

Doodles and sketches are nothing new in the realm of medieval manuscripts, as is evident from Dr. F. (Erik) Kwakkel's entire catalog of such interesting and funny specimens. However, this time around, things have rather taken a cryptic turn with the unveiling of seemingly invisible texts and even ghostly faces in the oldest extant manuscript…


$15 million-worth copy of the famed Magna Carta found inside a Victorian scrapbook

In an unexpected turn of events, small-town historian and archivist, Dr. Mark Bateson, has stumbled upon what is likely the greatest historical discovery of the decade. Thanks to his meticulous work, a previously unknown copy of the Magna Carta has been found inside a Victorian scrapbook, in Kent, UK. Signed by King John at Runnymede,…

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