Mars Utopia: A Mars human habitation scope that uses bacteria for bio-luminescence and oxygen

Previously, we had talked about some of the groovy technological concepts tailored to Mars habitation. Carrying on with the same tone of futurism, Spanish architect Alberto Villanueva has envisioned the so-named Mars Utopia. A conceptualized ambit that directly pertains to human habitation on Mars, Villanueva's vision encompasses the utilization both native soil and the newly…

Could Bacteria Survive On Mars NASA Intends to Find Out-1

NASA launches balloon, carrying bacteria, to the stratosphere to check if they can survive on Mars

Microorganisms, like bacteria and virus, are known for their tenacity to survive in the most extreme environments. In a research, published last year, the International Space Station found that certain spore-forming bacteria can even survive interplanetary travel, hitched onto parts of a spacecraft. This increases the risk of contamination, especially in planets and other celestial…

Foster + Partners Proposes Regolith-Based Martian Habitat-4

Foster + Partners proposes regolith-based Martian habitat, built by an army of robots

Architects, across the world, are coming up with incredibly-inventive Martian home designs, in response to NASA’s recently-held 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. A few days back, we talked about the Sfero House concept, by French firm Fabulous, which proposes the use of robots to extract the Red Planet’s natural resources, in order to construct houses for humans.…

French company, Fabulous, envisions Martian habitats as 3D-printed Sfero domes

Few days back, we talked about an ongoing simulated Mars mission, in which a group of six volunteers will be spending the next twelve months in complete isolation, inside a dome habitat on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. As part of another NASA-funded experiment, inviting new and innovative designs for 3D-printed Martian habitats,…


Scientists to develop the world’s first drone-controlled unmanned ship called MARS

Let us introduce you to the world’s first fully-functional autonomous unmanned ship, driven entirely by an army of highly-specialized drones. Designed by scientists at UK-based Plymouth University, in collaboration with underwater vehicle manufacturer MSubs, the Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) is a pioneering exemplar of technological advancement and innovation. Once developed, this sustainably-powered vessel will…

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