Mercedes-Benz's Self-Driving Future Bus Covers Its First 20 KM-2

The innovative self-driving Future Bus by Mercedes-Benz covers its first 20 km

Remember Olli, IBM's self-driving minibus that can be 3D-printed in special "micro factories" within a couple of hours? Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled a bigger and more impressive version of the Olli, in the form of the incredibly innovative Future Bus. Envisioned as the future of public transport, the semi-autonomous vehicle boasts a range of attractive features,…

Humans will soon replace robots on Mercedes-Benz's production line-2

Humans will soon replace robots on the production line of Mercedes-Benz

While companies across the world are increasingly turning toward robots to make the manufacturing process less labor-intensive and more efficient, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz seems to be going the opposite way. According to a recent announcement, the company is planning to replace some of the robots on the production line of its Sindelfingen plant with humans.…

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