Undersea Methane Explosions Linked With Bermuda Triangle Mystery-2

Undersea methane explosions blamed for Bermuda Triangle disappearances

Several decades have passed since the disappearances of ships and planes at the Bermuda Triangle were first reported by Edward Van Winkle Jones. Since then, people have come up with some bizarre explanations, including alien activity, supernatural forces and even the lost city of Atlantis. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the area roughly lies…

World's First Porous Liquid Could Facilitate Carbon Capture-1

World’s first porous liquid could be used to capture environmentally-harmful carbon dioxide

Over the years, a significant amount of research has been devoted to different types of liquids and liquid states. Few months back, for instance, a group of Finnish scientists predicted a new phase of matter, that of two-dimensional, atomically-thin liquid. Recently, researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, in Ireland, have made an equally important breakthrough -…

human waste_usable rocket fuel_1

Scientists develop means to convert human waste into usable rocket fuel

Rockets and human wastes have an uneasy relation, with the latter's flushing in the midst of space being more of an unwelcome complication. To that end, in a conventional scope, human wastes are shifted to disposable cargo vehicles that get unceremoniously burned up on the space shuttle's re-entry into the earth atmosphere. But what if…

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