Microbial Fuel Cell


UWE researchers devise MFC technology that uses urine to generate electricity

Throughout the history of mankind, urine ironically had different applications in various fields - ranging from use as fertilizer, a component for collecting saltpeter crystals (for gunpowder) to even a cleaning fluid and as an (alleged) extinguishing agent for Greek Fire. Well, this time around, researchers from the University of the West of England (UWE…


Daniel Gestoso’s Bromelia Table harvests energy contained in bacteria and water!

In the past, we have talked about terraformed furniture, with unique green pockets planted with mosses and other smaller plants. But the Bromelia Table, crafted by Spanish designer Dan Gestoso Rivers, is a completely self-sustainable furniture system in itself. Apart from acting as a planter for your home-grown shrubs, this innovative coffee table produces its…

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