Hard Disk

5 best hard disk speed tester software for Windows users

Hard Disk (HD) is one of the important components of a computer. In fact, it is the brain of a computer. Those who use the internet frequently are always found complaining that their system is not performing well because the HD might not be working properly. But now there is a software with the help of…

Microsoft-Devised Technology Sets Record For Storing Data In DNA-3

Microsoft-developed technology sets new record for storing digital data in DNA

In the current age of information and technology, efficient data storage is crucial. In February, for instance, we talked about the highly-advanced 5D digital data storage technique that could survive long after human extinction. When it comes to nature, DNA functions as a powerful storehouse of genetic information. Inspired by this, a team of researchers has…

Volvo Envisions Car Showroom Based On Augmented Reality-1

Volvo envisions futuristic car showroom based on augmented reality

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, automobile manufacturer Volvo is known for its preoccupation with safety and reliability. With the goal of making modern cars safer, it has, in recent years, developed advanced laser sensors that can accurately detect the movements of surrounding vehicles. To entice prospective buyers, the company has come up with an innovative way…

Microsoft Lab Sets Record As The Quietest Place On Earth-1

Microsoft’s audio lab sets record as the quietest place on Earth!

If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, you might want to try the newly-built audio laboratory at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Designated as the quietest place in the whole wide world, this specially-designed anechoic (meaning, free from echo) chamber has an unbelievably low average background noise of -20.6 dBA (decibels…

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