Animation presents the 10 most powerful military forces of the world

In the modern context, when political clamor plays its agitating role amidst economic upheavals in various parts of the world, the scenarios tend to become more volatile. And when volatility lends to widespread jingoism, we tend to hear various public statements like - 'our military can triumph others' and so forth. However beyond sparring statements,…


8 advanced military robot conceptions you should definitely know about

Automated military robots used in our contemporary times, actually had their predecessor in the 'Goliath tracked mine', designed by the Germans during the Second World War. Colloquially known as the ‘doodlebugs’ by Allied forces, these contraptions (with over 4,600 specimens being built) could carry 165 lbs to 220 lbs bombs, and traverse through rough territory…

BAE Systems' Combined Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Goggles-1

BAE Systems designs integrated night vision and thermal imaging goggles, for greater battlefield accuracy

Accuracy on the battlefield depends greatly on the soldier’s ability to swiftly locate and identify the targets. However, this becomes especially difficult during nighttime missions and, in case of low visibility due to unfavorable weather or smoke. In an attempt to enhance the precision of dismounted soldiers, BAE Systems is currently developing a combined night vision and…


Boeing’s plasma shield can potentially deflect shock waves from explosions

Cloaking devices have always belonged to realm of science fiction and even fantasy. But Boeing scientists have possibly found a practical side to the 'technology' that could shield soldiers from explosions. Envisaged like a force-field of sorts, the company's patent (already submitted to United States Patent and Trademark Office) entails a layer of heated, ionized…

ATHENA_Laser Weapon_Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin tests the most powerful laser weapon of its kind – the ATHENA

We have already been witness laser-based weaponry in the forms of land-based HEL MD and navy-equipped LaWS. Well, this time around Lockheed Martin has demonstrated their state-of-the-art laser system christened as ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset). The boisterous exhibition entailed a full fledged field test that aptly showed how the powerful laser could blaze…

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