Millennium Falcon


Behold the Millennium Falcon guitar customized from an actual toy!

We have harped about many a Millennium Falcon models and even furnishings. But what about transforming your ole Millennium Falcon toy into a fully fledged working guitar? Well, that is exactly what UK-based Doni Latchford ingeniously brings to the table with the 'musical' refurbishment of the Star Wars toys that were released between 1979 to…

Millennium Falcon Printed Rug

Millennium Falcon Printed Rug to go along with the ‘forceful’ teaser

The famed Millennium Falcon features prominently in the new teaser released for the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. But what if you want to bring forth the 'spacious' glory (excuse the bad pun) into your very living room? Well, that is exactly what the Star Wars Grey Millennium Falcon Rug is designed for, with…

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