This Low-Rise Dwelling Can Withstand Up To 1,500 Pounds Of Snow-1

This stunning wooden dwelling can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of snow per square meter of its area

Architects at Russia-based Skydome have created a series of stunning low-rise dwellings that, despite their somewhat simple and minimalist design, are incredibly strong and robust. Built chiefly from eco-friendly materials, these two-story wooden hemispheres can withstand the harsh elements, typical of the country. The dome-shaped structures, featuring spectacular modern interiors with expansive open floor plan,…

The Stunningly Rustic Marino House In Buenos Aires-10

The Marino House, in Buenos Aires, epitomizes the charm of rustic beauty

Nestled among pine trees, in the southern part of Buenos Aires, the Marino House epitomizes the charm of simple, rustic beauty. Constructed by Argentina-based firm, ATV Arquitectos, it looks more like a natural extension of the forested landscape than a cold concrete-and-steel structure. What is more, the dwelling’s unpolished finish actually accentuates its minimalist design,…


Sublime and Minimalist: Frosted Neon Tables showcase Tron-esque glory

Minimalism is subtle. But minimalism can also be vibrant - as is proven by the 'Soft' series of frosted neon tables, created by the collaborative effort of Glas Italia and Nendo. The furniture line comprises three low-height tables that are crafted from sheets of frosted glass connected with colorful neon strips. These strips range from…

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-1

Atelier JMCA designs prism-shaped wooden counter that doubles as a hanging table

When French architectural studio, Atelier JMCA, was given the task of furnishing a small restaurant, in Paris, the firm's design team came up with an incredibly creative solution for its space-related problems. Instead of a bulky table, that takes up most of the available floor space, the innovators, at Atelier JMCA, created an ingenious, prism-shaped bar that doubles…

Glow-In-The_dark Table_1

Instructables team member, Mike Warren, designs stunning, minimalist glow-in-the-dark table

Remember the gloriously tantalizing fluorescent lollipops, by confectioner Verde Matcha, that emanate a bright blue glow when placed under UV light? Well this time around, Instructables team member Mike Warren brings us a stunning glow-in-the-dark table, constructed using pecky cypress boards and photo-luminescent resin. Beautifully minimalist in design, the Glow Table contains a particular chemical that…

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