MIT scientists turn spinach leaves into powerful bomb detectors by integrating nanobionic technology

Researchers at MIT have turned spinach leaves into bomb detectors, thanks to advanced technologies in plant nanobionics. To impart this amazing "superpower", the scientists embedded nanomaterials into the delicate leaves, at the spot where photosynthesis is known to take place. This in turn enables the spinach to identify nitro-aromatic compounds commonly found in explosives, such as…

New Polymer Stores Solar Energy During Day And Releases Heat At Night-2

MIT scientists develop polymer that harvests solar energy during day and releases heat at night

With countries slowly increasing their solar power capacity, researchers are actively looking for ways to develop efficient energy storage systems. A team of MIT scientists, for instance, has created an entirely new material that is capable of storing solar energy during daytime, and later releasing it as heat when needed. Unlike similar research, however, the study…


MIT’s conceptualized Mars habitat makes use of ‘native’ silica on the alien planet

When it comes to Mars habitat conceptions, we have been witness to various innovative designs ranging from Fabulous' Sfero House to Foster + Partners' Regolith-Based Dwelling. Well, this time around, we have had a gander at another incredible design entry put forth in NASA’s recently-held 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The so-named Ouroboros conception was created by…


Tested AI shows the ‘human’ IQ of an average four-year old child

While our recent times and evolving technologies have tended to stoke the debate concerning the rise of AI, most of it has to do with the 'intelligence' (or capability) intrinsic to the machine. But how does the progressing AI measure up to actual human intelligence? Well a team of scientists from University of Illinois (at…

New Design For Terrafugia's TF-X Flying Car-2

New Design, of the futuristic TF-X flying car, is sure to blow your mind!

Could cars fly? Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia has proved, time and again, they can. The Terrafugia Transition, a roadable aircraft and the firm’s original flying car model, completed its first public flight back in 2013. While the vehicle is still under development, the company is already in the process of building an improved version of the…

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