Modern history

Incredible images from 1944 show Hitler in his potential disguises!

The ultimately objective of the famous D-Day invasion of 6 June, 1944 was not only to overwhelm Nazi Germany, but it also pertained to the capturing of 'Der Fuehrer'. And as an ingenious tactical means to achieve that ambitious objective, the Office of Strategic Services hatched a simple plan on the very next day of…

Historians ‘probably’ figure out the astronomical cost of First World War

The last time we talked about historical wealth, we mentioned how it was difficult to gauge the precise scope of monetary value, given the expansive periods that constitute history itself. The occasion of First World War with its 4-year 'lifetime' doesn't pose such time gap-oriented predicaments. However, historians were faced with a myriad of other problems…

Mesmerizing historical photos colorized in realistic manner

Modern history speaks in color - by the painstaking efforts of numerous artists like Jordan Lloyd, Dana Keller, Sanna Dullaway and others. Most of these fascinating photographs are from the era of late 19th century to the early half of the 20th century. (more…)