modular architecture


Google’s future building might entail re-configurable spaces and giant robots

We have previously been witness to Thomas Heatherwick’s 'hive' architectural specimen for Singapore's Nanjang Technological University. Well, this time around, imposingly fantastical structures give way to extensive re-configurable spaces - courtesy of the plans made by Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels (from BIG), for the expansion of Google's Mountain View campus. Touted to 'significantly increase…

Modular_Nomadic Shelter_ Salt Siida Workshop_7

Nomadic Shelter: A temporary modular cabin designed for festival goers

In December last year, we talked about B-And-Bee - an accommodation setup for festival goers. Following on the heels of the same design scope, is the above pictured Nomadic Shelter, a modular habitation unit envisaged by Norwegian Salt Siida Workshop for the hardy festival-going folk. To that end, the entire installation boasts of a substantial…

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