modular home

Architects Build Modular House By Stacking Structures Like Tetris Blocks-1

Architects to build modular house by stacking structures like Tetris blocks

We've all heard of modular kitchens, furniture and even pop-up tents that can be zipped up into larger spaces. As  part of their latest project, the team at Netherlands-based Universe Architecture has brought the convenience of modular designs to the time-consuming process of home construction. The Tretris House, as its name suggests, is an incredibly…

Designers Build Modular Homes Using Recyclable Cardboard-1

Dutch designers build spectacular modular homes using recyclable cardboard

Growing up, haven't we all built cardboard playhouses for our dolls? The brilliant minds at Netherlands-based Fiction Factory have constructed full-sized, livable modular homes using cardboard as the primary building material. Designed to last over 50 years, the Wikkelhouse (meaning, "Wrapping House") is completely recyclable and, can be customized according to the owners' preferences. The result…

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