Fossil Remains Point To Scotland's Frightening Prehistoric Sea Monster-1

Fossil remains point to Scotland’s frightening prehistoric sea monster

Meet the Storr Lochs Monster, a frightening sea monster that lived at a time when dinosaurs walked the face of the Earth. Although originally discovered in the 1966, the fossil was until now buried in a museum in Scotland, and have only recently been uncovered. Dating back to the Jurassic era, the dolphin-like creature possessed an…


Finally, the Monster Size Comparison Chart that we have been waiting for!

Ever wondered how the 2014 Godzilla compares in size with its 1998 (forgotten) Hollywood brethren? Or does the ever-elusive Clover monster stands a chance against those boisterous Kaijus from Pacific Rim? Well, the good news is - you don't have to rack your brain over such 'gargantuan' issues. KaijuCast has come to the rescue with…

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