Biesbosch Museum Refurbished Into A Modern Hobbit House -1

Grass and glass: The refurbished Biesbosch Museum showcases its verdant side

Back in 1421, the Biesbosch Museum arose like a phoenix after the St. Elisabeth Flood swept through the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands. And now, the old museum is currently going through yet another remarkable transformation - courtesy of Studio Marco Vermeulen. The aim of the 8-month old project is to morph the antediluvian museum into…


The newly-opened Qujing History Museum, in China, looks like an anti-gravity spacecraft

Located in the Yunnan province of Southwest China, the new Qujing History Museum looks more like an anti-gravity spaceship than a museum of natural history. Designed by Chinese architectural firm Hordor Design Group, in collaboration with Beijing-based Atelier Alter, the newly-opened museum is home to a breathtaking range of historical artifacts, including the Entelognathus primordialis,…

$100 Million Building To Become International Spy Museum's Permanent Address-6

$100 million trapezoid-shaped building could become the International Spy Museum’s new address

UK-based architectural firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP), has recently unveiled the design for a stunning trapezoid-shaped building, in Washington DC, which could soon become the International Spy Museum’s permanent address. Towering over six stories in height, this unusually-shaped glass and concrete structure is slated for construction at the L’Enfant Plaza, in the southwest…

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