Artist Designs Tiny LED Lamps That Look Like Bioluminescent Mushrooms-1

Japanese artist designs tiny LED lamps that look like bioluminescent mushrooms

Inspired by bioluminescent fungi, Japanese artist Yukio Takano has designed a series of stunning light fixtures that look uncannily similar to real mushrooms growing on logs. Built from glass, these tiny unusually-shaped lamps are fixed to a base made from salvaged driftwood. The lamps’ soft LED glow creates an enchanting atmosphere, transforming the surrounding space into…


New type of Lithium-ion battery system successfully created from mushrooms

Previously, we have talked about how titanium dioxide gel can potentially be a good substitute to conventional graphite as anodes inside the Lithium ion battery. Well this time around, a research team at the University of California, Riverside, has opted for something more 'natural' in the form of cheap portabella mushrooms that could take over…

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