mythical monster


Finally, the Monster Size Comparison Chart that we have been waiting for!

Ever wondered how the 2014 Godzilla compares in size with its 1998 (forgotten) Hollywood brethren? Or does the ever-elusive Clover monster stands a chance against those boisterous Kaijus from Pacific Rim? Well, the good news is - you don't have to rack your brain over such 'gargantuan' issues. KaijuCast has come to the rescue with…


10 mythical monsters you may not have known about

Over the years, we have been entranced, baffled, tantalized and even shocked by the monsters of well known mythologies, be it the ubiquitous dragon, the gargantuan kraken or the boisterous minotaur. Fortunately, the list of legendary beasts and creatures hasn't run out of potential candidates, even after numerous of the ilk having 'identified' starring roles in…

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