Future Electronics Could Be Printed On Paper Or Plastic-1

Future electronics could be printed on paper, thanks to a new OSU-developed photonic sintering technique

Although only a few nanometers or micrometers in thickness, a thin film is an important part of modern electronics, with miniature semiconductors and optical coatings being two of its major applications. At present, a process called photonic sintering allows scientists to fuse nanoparticles into functional thin films. However, the procedure usually requires very high temperatures…

3D-Printed Microfish Robots Double As Efficient Toxin Sensors-5

Innovative 3D-printed swimming microfish can deliver drugs and locate toxins inside the human body

Many of the recent breakthroughs, in medical science, have been the result of the implementation of nanotechnology principles. These include the use of nanodiamonds for targeted drug delivery and therapeutics; gold nanoparticles for the detection of breast cancer as well as specially-designed nano drones that help prevent heart attacks by repairing arterial inflammation. Using an…

Gold Nanotubes To Kill Cancer Cells-1

British scientists use gold nanotubes to image and eliminate cancer cells in mice

For quite some time now, gold nanoparticles have been deemed, by researchers across the world, as a major diagnostic tool, capable of carrying out high-resolution medical imaging. In a research, conducted a few months back, a scientist-duo at the University of Nebraska developed an advanced electronic skin, using composite layers of polymers and gold nanopartices, that could successfully detect…

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