Future Electronics Could Be Printed On Paper Or Plastic-1

Future electronics could be printed on paper, thanks to a new OSU-developed photonic sintering technique

Although only a few nanometers or micrometers in thickness, a thin film is an important part of modern electronics, with miniature semiconductors and optical coatings being two of its major applications. At present, a process called photonic sintering allows scientists to fuse nanoparticles into functional thin films. However, the procedure usually requires very high temperatures…


Scientists create self-healing electrical circuit made of a conductive hybrid gel

Back in February, we talked about how Switzerland's EPFL scientists contrived reconfigurable and self-repairing electronic circuits. Well, this time around, a team of researchers (headed by by Guihua Yu, an assistant professor) at the University of Texas, have created their version of a self-healing electrical circuit. Demonstrating its intrinsic flexibility, the circuit can not only…

Power Suit_Self-Powered_Triboelectricity

Researchers develop self-powering ‘power suit’ fueled by triboelectricity

The very phenomenon of triboelectricity pertains to a scenario in which particular materials become electrically charged when they come in frictive contact (repeated touching and then separating) with other materials. The examples include the simple occurrences of static electricity, like running comb through your hair or rubbing glass with wool. And now, a global researching…

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